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ideas and questions

From:Etak <tarnagona@...>
Date:Friday, March 5, 2004, 2:19
   I have a few things I want to ask.  First off, does
anyone know what the brevitive is?  Is it a noun case,
or does it have something to do with verbs?  Or is it
something else entirely?  Does it have something to do
with abbreviations, maybe?
   Secondly, can someone give some ideas about how I
might form the imperfect in my conlang?  Currently,
moods, like imperative, subjunctive, and indicative,
and tenses are shown using prefixes, and person and
number are shown with suffixes.  But, I'm not sure how
to show aspects, like the imperfect.  Actually, I
think part of my problem is that I am getting mood and
aspect mixed up.  Could someone please explain them?
   Thirdly, I was struck by an interesting idea while
I was in the hospital having eight teeth pulled.  When
my mouth was still almost completely frozen, I noticed
that I couldn't pronounce any labials, or most
dentals.  I was wondering if it was possible to make a
conlang which would still sound good even though it
was lacking these sounds.  Any thoughts and ideas are

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