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subjective temperature(was Re: idea: environment pronoun)

From:nicole dobrowolski <fuzzybluemonkeys@...>
Date:Monday, April 15, 2002, 13:16
froge sionk Garrett Jones...
> i have this idea for Minyeva (my conlang) for what i will call an > "environment pronoun". I am going to describe it here, and i was > just > wondering if anyone's seen anything similar in a natlang or > conlang. > > In english the equivalent meaning is realized as 'it'. In > esperanto, it is > realized as a null subject. > > examples: > > -"it" is hot. > -"it" is raining.
so i was trying to figure out how i would do this in narethanaal and i've come up with a question... first of all (and totally irrelevant to my question) 'it is raining' would be 'sule yest lepa loked to kya' or 'water is falling from the sky' thereby easily circumlocuting the 'it' structure... something having to do with temperature would also be handled without an 'it'... thermometers are all well and good but generally the classification of something as 'hot' or 'cold' has to do with the opinion/perception of the speaker/writer/oogly boogly monkey child... so in narethanaal you would say something like 'i am cold' or 'i am cold outside' rather than 'it is cold' or 'it is cold outside'... so i was wondering what 'cold' would be in this instance..? adjective? direct object? and what about 'outside'? and would 'cold's function change in the sentence that includes 'outside' or some other clarification? you might even say something like 'i am cold the refridgerator' for 'the refridgerator is cold' though i'm not sure if i'm translating that properly... i guess i'm an extra curious monkey today... ...nicole ===== jiqek qelek nimmekel-Luddiga blå apor-flauschige blaue Affen-tódifai kówainG MANgKIWi-mêndos êzoros faffalos-khami zhaftami nuri xhan-jasánni júñi jakihéññi-Moncaithe gorma clúmhacha-Monhyey ngonul hweyaru ryehyumeru-muncaidhean gorma molach-jhachtaraadkimyo-pushistye sinie obe&#380;iany-zçínesfersaup sülíraup böfparaup-k&#281;dzierzawe niebieskie ma&#322;py-cirmos ke'k majmok-fuzzi serule mini-primate-Hlässöbonakkäa Jonäjë-pluizige blauwe aapjes-menomeno yanubi wayanoso-monkátí kosipi eyoh-macacos nebulosos azuis-pukhnasti blakytni mavpy-sisinios aska atekoir-sakomedikidlukayade __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Tax Center - online filing with TurboTax


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