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Prefixes and netiquette [was: RE: Created languages list]

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Thursday, November 11, 1999, 23:48
Jeffrey Henning <Jeffrey@...> wrote:
> > I know I really appreciate it when people use the prefixes suggested by the > list owner:
[snip] I think we've all got your hint. ;) I like the prefixes too. I've said more than once that these things (plus general etiquette issues) should be posted every month or so, or sent privately and quietly to every new member when (s)he delurks. It needn't be long... Just "wrap your lines manually, don't send attachments, don't reply personal questions to the list, snip what you don't answer to, change subject when subject changes". (Now *I* am hinting!).
> This certainly helps me decide which threads to skip and helps me manage the > volume of the list better. I wouldn't mind seeing a few more:
Well, we certainly could volunteer to use those; if David (are you there?) creates them, you can then ask the listserver to filter messages. If not, most e-mail clients can. But we should decide on which prefixes to use.
> > PHON - phonology & pronunciation -- some people, myself included, aren't > interested in phonology and don't want to follow these threads > PROG - programming & technical -- while I love things like XML thread, a lot > of nonprogrammers or nontechnical people probably don't care and would > prefer to skip such things.
I thought there was a TECH prefix for that... I don't usually skip anything, unless it's a flame war or I'm in a hurry. But indeed, it helps you have a priority when one hundred messages are sitting on your mailbox.
> LEX - how your language lexifies concepts -- now here's a type of thread I > love to follow and a marker like this would keep me from missing them.
I like this. We don't have many of these threads. Sometimes we create cool words but they only appear in examples.
> > I'm not sure why the list owner has to set them up. I would think people > could just type them into their subject line, but perhaps listserv has some > value-added features regarding this prefixes that I am not aware of. I'm > sure you can think of other threads you might like marked with prefixes.
CULT would be nice, for those not in the Conculture list; sometimes we have to talk about the culture to explain certain words and expressions, or viceversa. I guess crossposting is the usual thing, but I'm aware that taking the thread to another list just because it becomes more cultural than linguistic can bother people who are not in Conculture. TRANS I have used myself, for translation exercises; there could be another one for the Translation Relays (we've had two already, and I assume there'll be more). Not that the TRs generate much traffic, but maybe you don't want to know about them at all. The Conlang T-shirt (TEE) could be another such prefixes for a time. I'd suggest another one for conlangs that are not ours, like the thread on the langs of Dune. Any ideas? In general, when a thread or topic that is bound to produce a lot of responses over time is started, a sensible prefix should be devised on the fly, and kept. --Pablo Flores