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Re: Interesting lingo

From:iisem :P <iisem@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 14, 1999, 13:36
In a message dated 12/13/99 4:16:49 AM Mountain Standard Time,
abrigon@YAHOO.COM writes:

<< Tenctonese the one from the series and movie.

 I forget their name, especially since they quickly became integrated in
 human society, namely speaking English, but an interesting culture.

i think they were called the Tenctonese as well,  but became Newcomers to all
else... and at times wore the derogitory term Slag.  i very much liked the
mythology in the Halloween episode of Tagdot.  i can't remember much other
than he severed hands and put them in a bowl...   eeeew ;)

i did notice that spoken Tenctonese changed drasticly from the movie to the
Television Series however..

oel oushean!