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Re: Challenge to puzzle-lovers: Vampire dialogue from "Blade"

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Monday, January 22, 2001, 15:00
Nik wrote:

> > A very excellent analysis by Nik!
> *Blush* Thanks! Even if I did throw in a lot of total > guesswork. :-)
You're welcome either way.
> Maybe it was originally vowel harmony in Old Vampiric, but > sound-changes have obscured it, and it is now lexically determined?
That would be even cooler! Lexicalization rocks! :)
> > We might be able to explain away um-porta and um-panuwa > > with the m-infix
> Or that the singular is mporta and mpanuwa, meaning that > prenasalized stops exist in Vampiric.
Well. Actually, "vampiric" consists of the prefix _va-_ which is a general language prefix, and _mpiric_ which is the name of the race... :)
> > Another idea I have is that the plural prefix l-
> Or that it wasn't a plural prefix, and I misguessed.
Hey! I'm trying to help you out here! :-) daniel, silly, and working on a new website. -- <> "As far as I'm concerned <> <> <> I prefer silent vice to <> Daniel Andreasson <> <> ostentatious virtue" -- Albert Einstein <>