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HELP: keyboard weirdness

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Sunday, April 17, 2005, 17:14
2. My QWERTY keyboard is going crazy.  The tilde-grave key now produces | #;
the slash-Q key now produces é É; the square bracket keys produce ^^ ¸¨
respectively. The &lt; is ', the &gt; is . The uppercase 2,3,6 produce 2"
3/ 6?.  (Perhaps all will be well in other's view of this email, who knows?)
This first started last night when I was doing some html and kept getting
'b. and 'éb. for opening and closing (bold) tags. I deleted a big patch and
retyped, and things behaved normally again. Tried that with this msg. but it
didn`t work....WHAT IS GOING ON??????

The above was written as part of the YAESR msg. I cut/pasted it here; but as
I write now, everything is back to normal-- < >, / ? , the u/c number keys,
et al., all work properly.

Once again, WHAT IS GOING ON????  If it happens again, how do I make it stop


Joseph Bridwell <zhosh@...>