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Yet another Aramaic-based script

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Monday, May 20, 2002, 5:47
Well Tech will have its own script after all, and I'm going to base it on my
favorite natlang abjad -- Aramaic/Syriac. I have the whole collection of
Beth Mardutho fonts for Windows 2000/XP (8 Estrangelo, 8 Serto, 2 Modern
East Syriac), and I'm going to study Sogdian and pre-Islamic Persian writing
and try and get some ideas. Since Aramaic is the progenitor of scripts as
varied as Arabic and Mongolian, it has to be pretty versatile.

It also has the cursive feel of Arabic with the epigraphic effects of Hebrew
or Greek, a nice balance.

I might make this into an alphabet, breaking the characters apart and using
Greek influence in the style of Armenian and Georgian, but since there are
so many more consonants than vowels and I just like abjads better anyway, I
doubt this.

So I'll try and get some pictures of my work up eventually.


"Good missionaries make bad linguists."
-- Troll proverb


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