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Re: THEORY: Storage Vs. Computation

From:Peter Morwood & Diane Duane <owlsprng@...>
Date:Friday, June 18, 1999, 9:07
>>... Since I now suddenly have two new Rihannsu books to write, >> and I don't presently see it as likely that I'll be asked to do a >> dictionary/grammar as such later on (especially since both the language and >> the people are Noncanonical), >> >A non-canonical dictionary/grammar will do! Complete with pronunciation >guide and some hints to the etymology of OHV.
I think that's most likely to be forthcoming. I have to go back to the canonical material and see exactly how much Vulcan material we do have now...I haven't been paying very close attention to ST:Voyager, and there may have been some additions while I wasn't looking.
> Rihannsu seem to have wider >appeal than do Romulans. Maybe Romulans are non-canonical Rihannsu!
Ooh, don't say that...that's how I got in trouble in the first place. People started writing to Gene Roddenberry and saying "We like Diane Duane's Romulans better than yours..." Leaving aside my own feelings -- that I was (a) perfectly happy to be noncanonical and (b) very annoyed at another creator being subjected to this kind of thing -- _I_ sure wouldn't like it if someone wrote to me and said, for example, "We like Peter Morwood's Nita and Kit better than yours" -- this is also (c) no way to make very many friends in the Head Office. By the time I found out what was going on, it was too late to do anything to try to stop it, the damage had been done -- and as far as the Head Office was concerned, I had become "persona au gratin", to be flung into a vat of melted cheese on sight. (It's a good thing I _like_ fondue...) There is no chance the Rihannsu will become canonical. That's OK with me. I now have other questions to deal with, such as: is it smart for a people and a language to have the same name? Why the heck didn't I construct even a rudimentary grammar for this pile of words when I was working on ENEMY/ALLY? And numerous others, which everybody will no doubt hear me pissing&moaning about for the next couple of months. :) Best! - Diane Peter Morwood & Diane Duane / The Owl Springs Partnership / ICQ # 21654840 Page us on the Web: