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Re: Amerindia [was: Re: Workshops Review #7]

From:Isaac A. Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Saturday, February 8, 2003, 20:54
Daniel Andreasson scripsit:

> But moderation isn't too much work is it? Anyway, I suggest > that you start it up and moderate it, Yitzik. I have no idea > how to operate that Yahoo thingy.
Ok. Done. It dwells on
> I'm not even sure I know > how to *subscribe* to a group without having to join that > evil Yahoo conglomerate.
As Jan v.S. already mentioned, everyone can still do by sending a msg to I saw that ppl are afraid of extra mail. There are no reasons for that. For my review purposes I am subscribed to *ALL* workshops. My modem is rather slow. And still I'm alive! Till now the maximum in workshops was 75 msgs per *week*. With love, Yitzik