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advice needed: making a dictionary

From:Kala Tunu <kalatunu@...>
Date:Saturday, December 15, 2001, 14:29
Hi all,

i listed the 1400-or-so root words of my conlang. now i'd
like to start developping this lexicon into a dictionary.
does anyone know whether i should keep using Excel or Access
or rather use another specific software? i am a zero at
everything that's math, figures, computer, etc. so i need
something basic my poor brain can handle. i'd like to
develop entries a bit like in a genuine dictionary. for
instance the entry for the Tunu word "tini" would be like:

"TINI    (n.) tether, lace, string (to tie). Tini bono:
string of a purse/bag. Tini bote: shoe lace. Tini muke:
weft. Tini taimelu: a tether used when taming animals. Bama
tini: peg, post. Naitini (vi.): to be attached. Naitininye:
to be attached to (a prisoner). Naitininyo: to be attached
from (a post). Saitini (vi.): to be tied up together.
"Kubakuba kuso bamu asaitini ucai leli kuno. The pieces of
the sail are tied up together with sewing thread." Taitini
(vt., n.): to attach, to tether, tethering. Taitininya cubo:
to keep attached (prisoner, animal). See also LANI, CABI."

i would like to be able to add and delete entries or within
entries easily and vary the fonts to identify English words
from Tunu ones and examples, etc. same for English/Tunu. i
wonder whether Boudewijn's Kura could help?



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