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Poll by Email No. 3

From:Peter Clark <pc451@...>
Date:Saturday, March 2, 2002, 20:09
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        This week's poll was suggested by Christophe Grandsire. Actually, he
suggested several, and I had a hard time choosing between them. (Which only
means that I have future poll options. :) But this week's Poll by Email will
appeal to all of you who have trouble limiting yourself to one answer,
because I'm going to ask two questions! The first, more serious question: To
what extent has Tolkien been an influence upon your conlanging?

        A. I discovered conlanging by reading Tolkien's books and said, "I want to
do that!"

        B. I had dabbled in creating languages before, but was inspired to greater
heights of language construction thanks to Tolkien.

        C. Tolkien has not inspired me to a significant degree.

        D. I can't stand Tolkien or his elves!

        E. Other.

        The second question is a simple yes/no question: Does "cellar door" sound
particularily beautiful to you? (Context for those who do not know: Tolkien
was enchanted by the sound of "cellar door," which looks suspiciously Elvish
if written as "sellador," especially with the -dor ending.)

The Rules:
1. Reply to with your poll choice. DO NOT POST TO THE LIST!
2. If you desire, include a longer response in your email, outlining your
thoughts on the question.
3. By including a long response, you grant permission for your response to
be posted to the mailing list. If for some reason you wish to keep your
response private, please make that clear in the body of your email.
4. I reserve the right to edit your response for space and content. Not all
responses may be published.
5. All poll answers, however, will be accounted for. Multiple votes will
not count, you cheater. Hedging answers will be pounded into the closest
6. This is not scientific by any stretch of the imagination.
7. Poll topics welcome.
8. The poll results and a selection of responses will be posted next
Saturday, 9 March, along with a new poll question.
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