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Translating Cortazar (WAS: Translating from a conlang intoaconlang)

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Monday, April 26, 1999, 3:54
I accidentally sent this before making a couple minor corrections, and
adding the non-broken-down version.  So, here it is full:

Wifl=E1v plasy=E1n=E1

Laun=EDt=E1nv=E1 nakinasg=E1z lis du-nadu-nali, nagan=FAl=E1z kas-nadu-sa=
Susag=E1t=E1sk=ED ku waf=E1t=E1sk=ED watladd=E1l=ED nakinasg=E1 pizusan=ED=
m=E1v.  Nanaf=20
sukaltin=E1t=E1s pikisagg=E1l=ED lugwaty=E1lki kifd=E1vail pipatizusan=ED=
nagan=FAl=E1fb=E1.  Zab=E1t=E1nk=ED sakya-du-nadu nakinasg=E1s.  Nanaf pi=
duvas=EDt=E1s nakinasg=E1, ku n=EDsf=FAnas nan nappatitak=ED.  Kas waflaz=
=E1=ED, ku
nagan=FAl=E1z lis du-nadu-nali, ku nakinasg=E1z kas-nadu-sakya.  Nanaf
sukaltin=E1t=E1s nakinasg=E1 pikisagg=E1l=ED pikl=E1li, ku du-nadu-tyaf n=
Lad=FAt=E1sk=ED lis ta nagan=FAl, zav=EDnt=E1sk=ED nattaikinasg=E1=EDl, t=
pisyanass=E1=FAn.  Fak=EDln=FA pigasy=FA.  Fil zab=E1t=E1sn=FA nagan=FAl =
Susag=E1t=E1sk=ED ku waf=E1t=E1sk=ED watladd=E1l=ED nakinasg=E1 pizusan=ED=
Suniik=E1st=E1sk=ED pivamm=E1=FAn wavyan=E1s=EDv nagan=FAl pwaft=FAm=E1l=ED=
 ku zab=E1t=E1sk=ED =20
pizusan=EDs nakinasg=E1fs=E1.  Laun=EDt=E1st=FA ku sluyaw=EDnt=E1s.  Sat=E1=
pipatinanag=E1dy=E1 nakinasg=E1f.  Laun=EDlt=FA wakad=ED.

And broken down:

W-ifla'v p-lasya'-na'
G6-theme G7-tapestry-BEN

Launi'-ta'n-va'    na-kinasga'-z lis    du=3Dnadu=3Dnali,    na-ganu'l-a'=
z G2-leader-DAT merely 6-12-8,          G2-enemy-DAT
If need be, "leader" could be specified as "general" by a modifier like
"of the army" or "in war", but context should make it clear.
du-nadu-nali is 6 twelves and 8 (duodecimal system)
kas=3Dnadu=3Dsakya.  Su-saga'-ta's-ki'    ku  wafa'-ta's-ki' wa-tladda'-l=
3-12-144.       AP-say-3SRatAbs-Inch and cry-3SRatAbs-Inc G6-evil-INSTR
Rounded off to the nearest 1728 (12^3).  Blaspheme =3D say evil;
instrumental is the case of the ex-absolutive in the antipassive

na-kinasga' pi-zu-sani'-ma'-v.   Nan-af  su-kaltina'-ta's
G2-leader   G7-DIM-home-his-LOC. Two-GEN AP-write-3SRatAbs
Genetive numbers are the normal way of forming ordinals, "second" =3D

pi-kisagga'-li'       lu-gwatya'-l-ki         kif-da'va-i-l
G7-proclamation-INSTR CAUS-fall-3SIrrAbs-Inch G4P-dove-PL-ERG
pi-pati-zu-sani'-ba' na-ganu'l-a'q-ba'. Zaba'-ta'n-ki'   sakya=3Ddu=3Dnad=
G7-COLL-DIM-home-ILL G2-enemy-GEN-ILL.  Go-3PRatAbs-Inch 144-6-12
A collection of tents is a camp.  Sakya-du-nadu is a rounded-off number

na-kinasga'-s. Nan-af  pi-nangadya'la' du-vasi'-ta's       na-kinasga',
G2-leader-ALL. Two-GEN G7-fight        easily-win-3SRatAbs G2-leader,
ku  n-i'sfu'na-s nan nap-pati-taki'.  Kas waf-laza'-i', ku na-ganu'l-a'z
and G2-(s)he-ALL two G2P-COLL-person. 3   G6P-day-PL,  and G2-enemy-DAT
"And two groups-of-people to him"
lis    du=3Dnadu=3Dnali, ku  na-kinasga'-z kas=3Dnadu=3Dsakya. Nan-af
merely 6-12-8,       and G2-leader-DAT 3-12-144.       two-GEN
su-kaltina'-ta's  na-kinasga' pi-kisagga'-li'       pi-kla'-li,   ku
AP-write-3SRatAbs G2-leader   G7-proclamation-INSTR G7-new-INSTR, and
du=3Dnadu=3Dtyaf n-i'sfu'na-s. Ladu'-ta's-ki'       lis    ta  na-ganu'l,
6-12-7       G2-(s)he-ALL. Remain-3SRatAbs-Inch merely one G2-enemy,

zavi'n-ta's-ki'        nat-tai-kinasga'-i'-l,    ta'l-tan-ki
surround-3SRatAbs-Inch G2P-person-leader-PL-ERG, wait-3PRatAbso-Inch
tai-kinasga' is a "person associated with the Leader".  The tai-X
construction tends to be more common than "[specific noun] of the X"
pi-syanassa'-u'n. Faki'-l-nu'      pi-gasyu'. Fil zaba'-ta's-nu'
G7-silence-COMM.  Go-3SIrrAbs-Perf G7-night.  Not go-3SRatAbs-Perf

na-ganu'l na-kinasga'-s. Su-saga'-ta's-ki'    ku  wafa'-ta's-ki'
G2-enemy  G2-leader-ALL. AP-say-3SRatAbs-Inch and cry-3SRatAbs-Inch

wa-tladda'-li' na-kinasga' pi-zu-sani'-ma'-v.   Su-niika's-ta's-ki'
G6-evil-INSTR  G2-leader   G7-DIM-home-his-LOC. AP-draw-3SIrrAbs-Inch
niik=E1s actually refers to "getting ready"
pi-vamma'-u'n    wa-vyana'si'-v na-ganu'l p-waftu'-ma'-li'   ku
G7-slowness-COMM G6-dawn-Loc    G2-enemy  G7-sword-his-INSTR and
Technically, wavyan=E1s=ED refers to Odinsdawn.  There are two suns, Odin
and Frigga (the planets and suns were named with a Nordic mythology
motiff), Odin is the main sun, the sun around which Terra Nova orbits.
Wazlap=ED is used for Friggasdawn
zaba'-ta's-ki'   pi-zu-sani'-s   na-kinasga'-f-sa'. Launi'-ta's-tu'
go-3SRatAbs-Inch G7-DIM-home-ALL G2-leader-GEN-ALL.

ku  s-lu-yawi'n-ta's.     Sa-ta'-l-la'           pi-pati-na-naga'dya'
and AP-CAUS-die-3SRatAbs. VERB-one-3SIrrAbs-CESS G7-COLL-one.who-fight
I'm assuming that "lo mira" is a euphemism of "he kills him"; "they stop
being one", that is, they dissolve

na-kinasga'-f. Launi'-l-tu'         wa-kadi'.
G2-leader-GEN. G6-sun.
"The sun enters"

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