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Re: CHAT: Uusi suomi

From:Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
Date:Thursday, April 26, 2001, 22:50
> Turns out there is/was an Uusi suomi, or New Finland, in the > SE corner of Saskatchewan, Canada. It was settled in the 1880s, > and though mostly English speaking now, still has marks of > Finnish cultural influences.
There is also a small town called Suomi, Ontario, not far from Uppsala, Ontario. Canada is great like that. I often travel to New Iceland (southwest coastal area of lake Winnipeg), where you have towns called Gimli, Arborg, Hnausa (is it's official name, but was originally Hnausar), Hecla and so on (Riverton used to be called Lundur), and right in the middle of it all there's a place called Komarno by Balaton Beach. =) -------ferko Ferenc Gy. Valoczy Suurt chugunikka peene ahjo suhe et toukka. Virtual Votia - Vaddjamaa Internetaza: railways page: 25kV 50Hz: