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Re: Conlang fluency survey

From:Douglas Koller <laokou@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 2:40
From: Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>

 == Part A: Personal and demographic data.  ==

> 01. a. What is your name (or online handle)?
Douglas Koller; Chinese name: "Kou Daoguang", which morphs into "Lao Kou" or "Kou" at whim.
> b. May I quote you by name or handle in an article or talk about > conlang fluency?
> 02. a. What is your preferred email address (if not the address you > are sending the survey response from)? > b. May I contact you with follow-up questions?
> 03. Do you have a website relating to your constructed language(s)?
Alas, no. Soooooon, sooooon.
> 04. a. How old are you?
> b. How old were you when you first started creating languages?
15-ish. Lots of "-ish."
> c. How old were you when you first attained significant fluency > in (one of) your constructed language(s)?
Competency, only relatively recently.
> 05. Are you male or female?
> 06. a. What is your nationality?
> b. Where do you live now?
Leominster, MA, USA
> c. Where were your ancestors from?
Father: the bohunk side; great-grandfather and relatives left Austro-Hungary WWI -ish. Mother: supposedly relatives on the Mayflower (you believe that; such a bridge I have to sell...) (well, Phillips is *Anglo* (which has forever scarred my ability to spell the name "Phillip" (Philip? Philipp?) Aargh, the pressure.
> 07. What is/are your native language(s)?
> 08. What natural languages other than your native one(s) have you > studied? What degree of fluency have you attained in them?
French, Chinese, Japanese. German, Hungarian, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Shanghainese, Cantonese, Taiwanese... One feels that, given practice, getting up to speed would be quite quick.
> 09. What constructed languages created by other people have you > studied? What degree of fluency have you attained in them?
Esperanto. Competency.
> 10. What is your level of education? What is/was/will be your major > or specialization?
B.A. French Lit.
> 11. What is (was/probably will be) your trade or profession?
> 12. Do you work part time? full time? Are you a student or retired?
> 13. a. What is your (approximate) income?
? Is conlanging "bourgeois"?
> b. What was your family's approximate income when you were a > child?
We was po'
> 14. Are you single, married, divorced, widowed, remarried...?
Can't get married, can't get divorced, if you see my meaning. Single.
> 15. a. What is your religion, if any?
Taoism has informed my reading of other religious texts. Freelance.
> b. What was your religious upbringing, if any?
> 16. Are there other facts about yourself that you think might be > relevant?
> == Part B: The nature of your conlang. ==
> 17. What is the name of your primary conlang (the one you have > invested the most effort in or are most fluent in)?