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Get your own REAL conlang flag

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Monday, January 21, 2008, 10:03
Some of y'all missed the last group buy I did, and I've gotten a
couple pings since then asking where one can get a conlang flag.

So here's the deal: I'm going to collect orders for a little while.
Once there are enough orders to get a good price (at least 12 total),
and enough time to ensure everyone has a chance to participate (a
couple months should do it), we'll actually collect the money
(preferably through PayPal) and place the order.

Price is very highly dependent on # ordered because most of the cost
goes towards setup. Assuming I can get the same deal as last time
(which I probably can; maybe +10% or so inflation), it'll be around
$20-$40 per flag + $8.50 US shipping (+ a bit more int'l). The maker
is - I got a couple dozen quotes last time,
and they were by FAR the cheapest - and the quality was excellent, so
I'm happy to recommend 'em.

Keep in mind, this is a FULL SIZE, all-weather flag. 3'x5' knitted
polyester, single side screenprint (1 ply), sturdy dual hanging loops
on left side. Looks great from either side. Think your standard
national flag, except this one has the conlang flag design instead.

This will be basically identical to the last run, though possibly with
slightly better print quality due to remastered conlang flag art
thanks to Paul Schleitwiler. Those of you who got 'em before, please
respond to this thread and let everyone else know how you feel about
'em (maybe post some pics).

Personally, I really like mine; they're of excellent quality, good
color, good saturation. Have flown one of 'em for months outside my
apartment in all weather with no harm done; another was flown on the
UCB MLK Student Union flagpole for a week in heavy wind & rain - as
well as being used as a gathering-standard for CA Bay Area conlang
meets and thus slung over tree branches, carried on a flagpole, etc
etc - again with no noticeable change. I've also had one on my living
room wall for a couple years, held up with nails through the loops and
tacks on the right side corners. Looked great. :-)  (For those
counting, I possess three: one is mine, one is the LCC's, and one is
the LCS's.)

You can see pics of 'em on the LCC website media pages: ; the design itself on FrathWiki: ; and various other pics & comments
(plus info about how the design was originated) on Google: .

Please feel free to forward this to anyone else you know who might
want one (or relevant lists / communities).

Fiat lingua,


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