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my script system :aventuro

From:Sean Wahl <kasunagi@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 30, 2002, 13:57
My script's font is up now click on the pict to download
(, the rest of the info on it will be up soon but
untill that time this should do:

all main letters are coded to the lower case chrs, most of the upper case
have no letters associated with them, C, S, P, and T all have digraphs
assocated with them (in my defunct lang LOGI), and if used to write english
C=ch, S=sh, P=ph, and T=th, A=and, D=the, F=of, J=it, K=is, @ [at sym.]
=at.  the documntation was orginal written in it to prove to me that it was
an o.k script.


Sean Wahl
BTW my new e-mail is, but at 3-mb it is not suited to
this list :)so thats why i have not changed it.