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Re: Conpunct

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Thursday, December 3, 1998, 18:04
Nik Taylor scripsit:

> The exlamation mark (!) comes from "lo", with the "l" on top of the "o",
That's "io" or "IO", not "lo". "Io" is the latin joy attitudinal.
> and the question mark (?) comes, IINM, from Latin "quo", think of a > distorted "q" on top of an "o".
I've heard these theories as well, but I suspect the view that the dot in "!" and "?" is just what it appears to be, a period, is more plausible. OTOH the notion that the upper part of "?" is a modified Q seems reasonable. -- John Cowan You tollerday donsk? N. You tolkatiff scowegian? Nn. You spigotty anglease? Nnn. You phonio saxo? Nnnn. Clear all so! 'Tis a Jute.... (Finnegans Wake 16.5)