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OT: For information only !

From:Philippe Caquant <herodote92@...>
Date:Sunday, June 13, 2004, 8:34
This is only for the sake of objective information,
and doesn't imply any answer on the list ! (let's live
in peace).

There are elections in Europe at the moment. We are
supposed to elect the members of the European
Parliament. There are quite a lot of concurrent lists,
as usually.

Well, among these lists (conservatives, socialists,
trotskists, royalists, ecologists, anti-taxe-ists and
many more), I discovered an Esperantist one ! They
have a site from which you can print you voting

This was meant only for objective information, as I
said, so I will not disclose here that this is very
likely the list I will vote for, as being the only one
carrying an exciting project !

Philippe Caquant

"High thoughts must have high language." (Aristophanes, Frogs)

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