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CHAT: SLIGHTLY CHAT: Calendars et al. (Was: Opinions on English)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Monday, September 18, 2000, 18:35
Yoon Ha Lee wrote:
>That's true. Hmm. The main reason I haven't devised a calendar system >to go along with Chevraqis is that I'm terrified that my boyfriend the >physics major will come along, do some heavy-duty celestial mechanics >calculations, get a size for the moons (several really small ones, which >the Qenaren consider "moving stars" and a "moon" that they recognize as >"something different") and planet, density, etc. and tell me my calendar >is completely off. >
Does your boyfriend regard conlang/culture/planet creation as utterly frivolous and/or weird? If not, turn him loose on the subject. I for one could use his services. One of our colleagues here has a site (URL on request) where you can sort-of plug in numbers and get an answer , but it assumes you understand the math and terminology at least a little. I don't, and get strange answers, like 60% of Earth gravity. No no no.
>I wish I knew more astrophysics. :-/>
Likewise, for sure. Though many quite respectable SF writers seem to get by without a lot of it-- e.g. Le Guin-- WHO BTW HAS A NEW BOOK OUT: "The Telling", Harcourt, paperback too. (Advert. of 9/10)
>And I haven't the faintest clue how to calculate tides for a system with >several moons.
As our mothers sometimes say: Because.