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Re: A Charyan Brothel Song in Teonaht

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Friday, May 28, 1999, 16:26
FFlores wrote:

>=20 > > Hsvenda! (Excellent!) >=20 > Is it related to _benda_?
Te, tehhyn! (yes indeed). Hse is our superlative, so hse myeebi, "reddest," hse benda, "best." Contracted, we get _hsvenda_ with a lenition of "b"; I am probably remiss in translating "excellent," but we do give this word for praise. Issytra.
> > > > Well. This part a little more difficult it seems. >=20 > Yoda, what are you doing there? Did those Teonim > kidnap you too, old man?
Definite contact with the Teonim Yoda has had, it seems! <G> I. =20
> > But here you do your own thing suitable to your own poem. > > This Pantato, ai kwar tobre? (what is it?) >=20 > Pantato is a fossil language -- the first I created, > not very good; I always promise myself I'll fix it, > but I use it for borrowings only. I placed the island > of Panta in my conworld near the old lands of the Dr=E1selhadh > and made them friends. :) I only clarified the borrowing > because _urth=E1l_ is unusually long for a Drasel=E9q word > naming something as common as a hill.
Most interesting! =20
> Thanks a lot for your appreciations. And again for the > translation exercises -- I think they are probably the > main reason of the advance Drasel=E9q has experienced > these days (this goes for everybody!). >=20 > --Pablo Flores
It is our pleasure! I, too, am grateful for all the practice translating! I.S.