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Re: Review of "Audience" at M/C (forwarded)

From:Acadon <acadon@...>
Date:Sunday, March 19, 2000, 16:26
Tom Wier wrote:
> Nik Taylor wrote: > > Roger Mills wrote: > > > Nor would I class being considered "weird" under > > > the rubric of persecution. (Well, on second thought, perhaps, alas, times > > > have changed. I don't recall ever being in mortal danger because of mere > > > weirdness.)
> > Well, Esperanto-speakers were persecuted by the Nazis, and there may've > > been other persecutions of auxlangs.
There were many, in Hitler's Germany, in Stalinist Russia, in (Cultural Revolution) Maoist China, etc. The motive was generally a super nationalistic attitude vs. all international contacts. Anti-Semitism got mixed in by Hitler. Many were killed. By no means only Esperantists, though if I recall right that was the only Auxlang mentioned by name in "Mein Kampf." Esperanto groups in Germany tried to survive by expelling all Jews. That only allowed them a few extra months of existence.
> Auxlangs? Almost certainly*. Constructed auxlangs? Dunno 'bout that. I > wonder what the Nazis' policy on Volapük was, given that it was German > regurgitated as English, more or less.
> *(I only doubt because I am uncertain whether such persecution would be > more for speaking a particular language, auxlang or not, rather than being > persecuted for speaking an auxlang)
Nothing really linguistic was involved, unless you count related moves toward "linguistic purity." The motive was FEAR of "internationalist" or any outside, non-controllable influences. We see some echoes of this today in conspiracy theories involving the Trilateral Commission, the UN, etc. Regards, LEO