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overstrikes (was: Narbonósc. Part IX)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, January 7, 2001, 5:59
Herman Miller wrote:
>>If you have a relatively recent version of Windows, with a relatively >>recent version of Microsoft Word, and a Unicode font that has it, you can >>go to Insert >> Symbol, and just look through the font. >
As a matter of fact (just noticed, to my chagrin) the Multinational charset has a ready-made u-tilde. But the overstrike function I mentioned certainly does the trick if you want to put diacritics over any letter whatever. It never had an easily usable overstrike function, but you can use the EQ
>field to do overstrikes. For instance, select "Insert / Field..." from the >menu and type "EQ \o(i,-)" (without the quotes) into the text box for a >barred i character. >
I don't seem to have, or find, "Insert/field"........However, come to think of it, last winter thru AOL I was receiving Instant Messages from a young conlanger who managed to produce barred-i in his IMs using a command _similar_ to what Herman mentions. Unfortunately, I've forgotten it.