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Re: Phonologies

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 9, 2004, 3:22
James Worlton wrote:

> Sandat David Peterson: > > (Before I begin, when I hit "reply" to this e-mail, it brought up your
> >address, James, and not the CONLANG address. I forget what this is a > symptom of.) > > I don't know about this one.
You have a reply-to address. Sometimes when you configure your email client it ask if you want a prefered address for replies. You can (should) leave it blank and people will reply back to you your personal email, and back to the list your postings to conlang-L. As for the topic of your emal, there are other factors that make the sound system of a language beyond inventory of sounds, phonemes, phones, and allophones. Languages have certain restrictions in how sounds are combined; mostly known as syllable structure but restrictions also apply to stressed/unstressed syllables or in certain word possitions (i.e. Spanish /r/ and /rr/ both can begin any syllable as longer as it is not word initial). Some apply to certain phonemes (i.e. English sillable onsets can be described as (S)C(L), where S is /s/, C any consonant and L a glide, either /l/, /r/ or /w/, but /l/ cannot combine with any consonant, like "dl" or "hl"). Then is accent: how (or if) the language marks syllables like stress, pitch or tone. How those marking affects words and sentenses, give information as if the sentence is an affirmation or a question, etc. Well, I hope this helps. -- Carlos Th