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Re: Just Found a

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Sunday, October 20, 2002, 18:07
John Cowan wrote:
>David Peterson scripsit: > > > That could be some sort of fantasy novel title (or part): "The Escape of >the > > Activator [off] the Face of Willemarcatura!" Hee, hee... And, yes, >"I > > totally examined in the tree" is a gem. > >In my 30 passes, I noted most of the effects people have mentioned: >the "he he he he ..." (sometimes "it it it it" for a while, but that >doesn't last); the spurious "EC" and "marcatura"; the bizarre pronouns >(clearly it has no model of anaphora at all).
Tip for people looking for hilarity; try including personal names in sentences, since the programme doesn't recognize 'em. "Don't blame me; I voted for Gore." comes out as "Colpe he I no; I selected for the tree of the activator of the exit.". Oh, and "Fuck you!" becomes "The conservation was fulled above!". The attractor turns out to be "The conservation was fulled in ____ avan the side!". This rather opens up a new realm of insults ... Andreas _________________________________________________________________ Broadband? Dial-up? Get reliable MSN Internet Access.