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Typology and Books

From:wayne chevrier <wachevrier@...>
Date:Saturday, September 16, 2000, 18:28
There having been some discussion of typology, I'd like to
add my two cents worth. IIRC, Greenberg only used about 20
languages but they were rather well distributed. A better
recent work is Joanna Nichols _Linguistic_Diversity_in_Space_
and_Time_, with around 300 languages (Colloquial French to Sumerian)
with data in dozens of categories, and explanations and examples
for each one. She samples the languages by stock(timedepth ~8000y)
rather than just possible relation. A very good book.
Other books I recommend, on various language subjects:
Steven Pinker _Words_and_Rules_
the phonetic symbol guide 2nd edition
the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language

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