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Ainu/Aleut - SE Alaska/Hawaii

From:Mike Adams <abrigon@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 22, 2000, 4:35
Wierds, from what I remember, some have said the Aleuts were not all
"Eskimo" looking, that some when the "Europeans" came, many of the
Aleuts were "European" looking.

The Ainu, the blood grouping could be to other causes. Such as they were
a splinter group of White, who never went thru the shift due to Small
pox and like disease that forced the shift to O+.. Of course does this
mean they are related to Europeans, not sure..

I can picture some relationship with the Ainu and north siberians. Many
Siberian Yupiks share much the same culture, due to long time as
neighbors. The Alaskans maybe not as much. Also I believe there was a
Inupiaq group that was on Big Diomede and NW of Big Diomede but have
since died out.

I do know that many AmerIndians are not asiatic, they are more caucasian
in some ways, but in others not.  Don't know if the Mouri and like are
Caucasian, I do find some interesting simularities between Tlingit/Haida
culture and Hawaiian.. Such as head dresses, and art styles.. Just cause
the cultures maybe related, does not mean the lingo is!?


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