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Yet another word generator

From:Irina Rempt <ira@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 14, 2000, 17:49
I've found a word-generating program that you feed plain text and it
makes text like it:

You compile it yourself (it comes with a Makefile for Unix and the
Mac); if you compile it for Linux, you have to tweak it a bit. In the
section where you specify your random number generator, replace
'int32 random()' by 'int random()' and it will compile with only a
few innocuous warnings.

I'll probably use it for inspiration when I run out of words.

This is what it made of a compilation of some of my Valdyan texts:

dilat. chal mustynat sovin aseleneth foran vesten sel. rhyne dat,
coranion lea tarsien nalunie anie le semtea ayat. aldin ayse dilat.
zach a hylsa alat. salea rythe. bon anea, dilat? lhonal ruzyn lea
morin zul nalunie nali rodet cynla aselea ayat osten farie, lea
tabrachazenat. salea so razie, cynla moyrin navere na bersien rhinan
havien ostiez zachea furut, besh hal navelin lea avysten herne lea
tylsa arli aynynat. namudh, le malain rys. nusenthi lhaye i airelyin
varyn hylat. chylti nea dolys, salea jat haverei nacronysat
dynathalat? naperan, chazat. ryat. somoch tiseset ryth, ath semtea
shylse nalunie brachal dynat gerat, lea ray ase codin nyth, lhyne
zach vaurie polaynynat naveraith.

(most of it perfectly acceptable Valdyan verbiage, but utter

This is what it made of the English translation of Grandpa and the

of make own rest who work saw he friei's aboat. to first horseback
of stepped then wanted of the at called better with grow. on
said. great-great-great his into the horseback until left after
about if second the ends then ship athe then it great-grand come
the south the four permission. egg, the tales, book outh my he
able the villa's it. sout and "you he unted ther he at it at
be the him bad saw the to a home he athand are village took it
ship litting in one: thouth, him as on to didn't world. it then,
an off. - he it. third now - it's great thing at out his there
it or then - to it's who steppears, crown there the asked, whited.

And this is what it made of Grandpa and the Dragon in Valdyan/English
parallel text:

he unted talea then frighten saw in an the amrein arrified, tien
so gylsinen himsel. under chalat nagrandfathereten in seemed
or lea stea cowardly. saw leste. craz took namudhet enorth; might
farayt. athe saw hand he with dorythe it. an dorytheret athal
dragon the it polei tabrachalynat island rhinan you chal boat.
eat-great-grey red-brown brachal denat. the soon navel aboat.
the too bersein of farien athand at an didn't silat tay hid it
- ill. hungry eggs. then lhayi bersin riei's relyin coward, no

(I particularly like "arrified" and "nagrandfatheren", and the very
Valdyan-sounding but completely meaningless "dorytheret" and
"tabrachalynat" - this last could possibly mean "suddenly became a
baby dragon" :-)


           Varsinen an laynynay, saraz no arlet rastynay. (myself)