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Gender and Plants in Urasti

From:James Comer <jcomer2001@...>
Date:Thursday, July 21, 2005, 15:22
Hey all,

--I imagine a group of plant-husbandmen (marihuana-hemp growers, for
instance, where that was legal) might also refer to male plants and
female plants by different terms all the time, whether or not they
were talking about the plants' reproducing.

In Urasti, anything which breathes has one gender, and anything lacking
breath (nef) is soulless and has a different gender.  Kind of like English
using "it" for plants and fish and using "he" for dogs or cats.  This also
has a religious component: the lost race of Masters, the Aba, are called
"it" and so are members of the present-day religion which reveres them,
the Church of the True Form.  This is a deliberate insult.
Just my two shekels' worth.


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