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Weekly Vocab 19/ Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 27, 2003, 18:21
required several trips to the well of the words (marked with *............)

1. thread (n) çicim
A thread hangs from my shirt
yale çicim re kulap alo pilipmi
there-is thread REL hang from shirt-my

2. to sort rundaya* (caus. < naya 'kind, sort')
I sort my clothing by condition and style
marundaya elimbemi lusongi añangani i moyotni
I sort   clothing-my acc'g condition-its and pattern-its

3. boy sininji
There's a grubby boy staring through the window
yale sininji tratenge re veliçun ri çupuna
there-is boy unwashed REL stare at window

4. sandwich toñak (not a new word!!)
If I paid him, perhaps he'd make me a sandwich
pun ne mahanga, kuna me yamepu toñak
if him/dat I-pay, maybe me/dat he-make sandwich

5. shadow hañorap
"The barriers between us have collapsed, and we have become...our own
"mende ikumbor amingaç re mile rungotap, miyukar...
hañorapáçmindu" [hañorap-ç-mim-tu]
PERF they-collapse NOML-obstacle-pl REL us/dat caus.-be-separate, we-become
(It's possible 'shadow' should be animate, in which case _hañorapalámindu__)

6. to burst tafum
When will this boil burst?
rikanju yatafum pinap tayu?
when it-burst boil this?

7. dwarf krambo
A one-armed dwarf throws dice along the wharf.
krambo re mesa niyoñi yacinga trakiç* rilivengi kranda
dwarf REL one arm-his he-throw dice along  dock.
(trakiç is a plural, there is no singular-- mesa trakiç 'one die'; it's
related to trako 'bone')

8. to sail fosi (can take acc. object/destination or ri+dative)
The SS Sycophant is sailing to the other side of the world.
fn cakacosir yafosi vora liyan hindayi
FN Toady/Yes-man it-sail side other-acc. world-gen.

9. cattle NO.  lopa
Lopas clutter its decks.
tokaçni* cakasuvuk* lopali
deck-its ACCID-messy lopa-pl-gen.

10. to twist irit
The strong man at the circus twists iron bars every night to the applause of
his audience.
kerandik ri tikomaka* yayirit tendonoç* hece onde-ondre, i kandikasila iñar
person-muscle at "carnival" he-twist bar-pl. iron night-night and AGT-see-pl
they-roar "fanfare"
(tikomaka is a new word, I don't know where it comes from; perhaps partially
Gwr....not exactly a circus, since there are very few trainable animals)