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Re: German Spelling Reform

From:Tom Wier <artabanos@...>
Date:Sunday, August 8, 1999, 17:36
nicole perrin wrote:

> The letters <ph>, <th>, (and two other consonants clusters ending in h > that I've forgotten, one of which I *think* is <gh>) will be changed to > <f> and <t> respectively (and the other two will be changed to just the > first consonant, like <g>), but this change will be optional, meaning > that both spellings will always be accepted, so:
I'm pretty sure that any orthographic <gh> clusters won't be changed, since I'm pretty sure any that do exist now are at morpheme boundaries, such as <Flughafen>. =========================================== Tom Wier <artabanos@...> AIM: Deuterotom ICQ: 4315704 <> "Cogito ergo sum, sed credo ergo ero." ===========================================