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Manichaeism (was OT LWII etc)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, June 20, 2003, 3:47
> The Religion of Light = Manichaeism?
The question was not entirely out of order, though I don't know if M. was ever actually called the Religion of Light. Mani did consider himself the "Prophet of Light", and his syncretic religion apparely became very popular in Central Asia-- my source goes on to say: "In 719 there was a Manichean church in Peking and the Manichees were strong in central and western Asia until the 13th C. when it would appear that they were wiped out during the Mongol conquests." (Where, incidentally, does the "-chae/-chee" part of the name come from?) This info from a book I picked up from the remainder table at B&N the other day-- Tobias Churton, The Gnostics, (orig.publ.Curtis Brown Ltd.) 1987. It apparently stems from a British TV program aired in 85 or 86. Quite interesting, though difficult to assess the accuracy of some of the author's claims. Does anyone remember seeing it?? It seems not to have made it to this side of the pond (might frighten the children, y'know).


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