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Re: Rhotics (was: Poll: What looks best?)

From:R A Brown <ray@...>
Date:Saturday, July 7, 2007, 11:45
I thought I'd sent this earlier - but it hasn't come back on the list,
and it's not shown in my 'sent box'. However, if it does crop up twice
on the list, accept my apologies   :)

Benct Philip Jonsson wrote:
> Ollock Ackeop skrev: > >> I don't know anything about the "commonalities" or the "definitions" >> people >> mention. AFAIK, plosives and sibilants can't be rhotics at all, and the >> rest is fuzzy. > > The sibilant [z`] can definitely be rhotic, e.g. in Turkish > and some forms of Swedish.
Yes, indeed - and the retroflex consonants are sometimes describes as rhotics. Why not, indeed? They are "r-colored." They certainly include plosive and sibilants. -- Ray ================================== ================================== Nid rhy hen neb i ddysgu. There's none too old to learn. [WELSH PROVERB]