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GROUPLANG: simple, original, natural case system

From:Mathias M. Lassailly <lassailly@...>
Date:Saturday, October 17, 1998, 10:13
Another weird idea : insert an agent in the predicate like Ainu does (it's called 'applicative') :
tags are :
*+* = to feature
*<* = to give
*>* = to benefit from
*-* = to subject to, to suffer
*=* = to work as
*:* = to be
1. root = seat/sit = sit
+me facility:sit = I sit
+me >he tool:sit = I seat him
<he +me facility:sit = he seats me
>he tool:sit = he's seated
=it tool:sit = it's an intrument to sit on =it body:sit = it's a seat +it organ:sit = it features a seat =it organ:sit = it has a seat (of car) +me position:sit = I sit -it +me position:sit = I sit on it =it +me place:sit = I sit on it 3. root = bite +me -he (tool:mouth) action:bite = I bite him <me +he feature:bite = I bite him 4. root = way/go = 'wend' +me =woods facility:way = I go through the woods +me >he =woods tool:way = I send him through the woods <me +he =woods facility:way = I send him through the woods 5. root = song/sing = 'sung' +me action:sung = I sing +me =blues action:sung = I sing the blues <me +drum action:sung = I play drum 6. root = doubt +me -it thought:doubt = I doubt about it +me =it thought:doubt = I doubt it 7. root = happy +me =it mood:happy/iness = I'm happy about it +me <it mood:happy = it makes me happy <he +me =it mood:happy = he makes me happy with it 8. root = shield +me -animal facility:shield = I protect myself against animal <me +child -animal =weapon facility:shield = I protect the child against animal with weapon +me >child -animal =weapon tool:shield = I protect the child against animal with weapon etc. Mathias ----- See the original message at -- Free e-mail group hosting at