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Re: venge of the Mutant Ninja Consonants (Re: mutation?

From:Eric Christopherson <raccoon@...>
Date:Monday, August 16, 1999, 23:12
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Subject: Re(2): venge of the Mutant Ninja Consonants (Re: mutation?

> writes: > >Another sad show of this mutating consonantal change > >in Spanish is the "th" sound in Andalusia. There are > >such pressures to talk "Castillian" that you hear the > >"th" sound used all the time instead of the appropriate > >"s" sound in words which should have the "s" and not > >the "z" or "ce, ci". I find this very annoying ;-) And pick > >on my cousins a lot about it. > > My friend Ann, who is fluent in Spanish (She's not a native speaker BTW), > tends to do that to all of her "s" sounds (except of course her initial > "s"). So, she'll say something like: "Loth cathath son muy bonitath". It's > odd and it's more of a fusion between /T/ and /s/. She swears that she > doesnt do it but we all hear it when she speaks it.
There's a beer commercial now with two Spanish (I think) models talking about why whichever kind of beer is good, but they seem to pronounce all their /s/ sounds (in English) as something like /T/ also... they sound really odd to me.