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Fun with Esperanto!

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 6, 2000, 9:14
Jeez, I really must be bored.  I was perusing a list of E-o words and
started mercilessly disfiguring them.

Some things I did, mostly for fun and partly because of sadism:

Remove the final vowel in multisyllable words, even if followed by a
consonant.  Then you have universal final stress.  Some exceptions such
as _radio_ (which in E-o is pronounced /ra'dio/, not /'radio/; I kept the
-o in that case and shifted the stress to the ultima.  Also, prepositions
ending in -au^ (u^ = u breve) lost that ending, and words that are
normally plural (like "pants") lose the -j plural marker as well as the
-o noun marker.  The -n accusative marker is dropped except in certain
words, particularly prepositions/pronouns ending in a vowel.

(I've seen samples of several versions of "Esperanto sino flexione"; one
simplification which also includes phonemic reduction is Sen:esepera.)

Then there were some character replacements, and one merger of phonemes:

c^ (c circumflex) > ç (c cedilla)
g^ AND j^> ž (z caron)
h^ > x, but might be merged into k since h^ is a rare phoneme mostly
found in Greek loans
s^ > š (s caron)
u^ (again, u breve) > w

Another experiment: adapting E-o to the Korean Hangul script.  Obvious
mergers being "c" (/ts/) with "s", "v" with "w", "r" with "l", etc.

Still another experiment: Judaeo-Esperanto.  No change to the language
itself, but now it's written in Hebrew script (the phonemes /tS/, /dZ/,
/Z/ are tsade, gimel and zayin with the geresh, an apostrophe-like
diacritic).  Also, key Semitic words would be added, obviously.

Right now I'm just experimenting with some ideas.  What I would like to
do, however, is invent a language for animals (especially primates).  The
intent is to get the animal to understand the human better and the animal
to respond in whatever gesture or manner it is able.  Of course, not even
chimpanzees can make vocal sounds (unless you want them to grunt Morse

This would likely be an IAL or something like Basic English; it obviously
needs as simple a grammar as possible.

Concerning my fictional stuff, the language of the orc race would be like
this, since the orcs are what I call a retro-evolutionary product.  They
are stronger, larger and tougher, but inherently stupid.  (They also have
a life expectancy of only 30-40 years even with perfect health care,
nutrition, environment etc.)  However, they are human in most of their
anatomy and genetics and can even have offspring with humans (they seem
to be incompatible with elves, which also can reproduce with humans).
That includes the existence of all the components necessary for
human-level vocal communication (just don't ask an orc to sing for God's

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