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Re: LOTEP (was: Re: A single font can display ANY alphabet, pictograph, or rune)

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 18, 2005, 19:20
--- René Uittenbogaard <ruittenb@...> wrote:


> 1. How does the LOTEP system handle dots? Do they > count as a single > endpoint? What would the LOTEP number for > (helvetica) |i| be - 00302 ? >
I don't recall what I originally did. I'm inclided to count a dot as a separate piece but not as an endpoint.
> 2. Your second example on the page (the 22631 glyph) > seems to have an > "angle" (discontinuity in the first derivative, if > it were a curve). I > understand that angles are not counted as "Even > crossings". Would it be > an idea to add an Angle count, defined as the number > of points where > there is a discontinuity in the first derivative > along a line (otherwise > just a 2-crossing - I mean that Odd and Even > crossings don't count as > Angles) >
I considered this when I first developed the system, but decided against it simply because in many cases the angle is actually optional. The upper case "A" may be written by hand with a rounded top rather than an angular one and it is still counted as "A". Granted the only difference between "U" and "V" is the angle, but most letters are not distinguished by the absence or existence of an angle. Even "E" can be written as a rounded "C" with a horizontal bar and still remain recognizable as the same letter as "E" written with angular corners. As long as something as variable as whether a given corner is to be counted as angular or not is included in the system then that opens the door for a greater rate of variability in how the characters are encoded, making it more likely that a given user would encode a given glyph in a different way from another user. --gary
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