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Re: Idioms & Phrases

From:Robert B Wilson <han_solo55@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 27, 2002, 22:43
Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...> korte:
> The language has a tendency to shorten many common phrases into a > single > word, although everyone knows the expanded form to which it refers. > Anyone > know of another language (con or nat) that does this sort of thing?
Kontoko (< Middle Kontoko _Kre unte ugo_ < Old Kontoko _kje ynse ujo_) does this extensively. Well, actually did, almost all common phrases were shortened but the original grammatical structure is still preserved. _Kre unte_ means "language" (literally "thought transfer") and _ugo_ is a form ("collective possessive") of a word used to refer to Kontoko speakers (later it was used to refer to any people, Kontoko speakers being _nar ega_. Robert Wilson (Elentirno Pereldar) ( ><(((> ><(((> <)))>< ><(((> ><(((> I yessessë Eru ontanë Menel ar Cemen. I yessessë ëa Quetta ar Quetta né as Eru ar Eru né Quetta. "Ananwa," eque erye, "i ilúvë ná carmë Eruva. Ilyë nati nar tanwi Erullo."