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Yet another Shoebox question

From:J Matthew Pearson <pearson@...>
Date:Sunday, July 30, 2000, 20:34

I have a question about Shoebox which I'm hoping someone can help
me with:  Right now I'm attempting to set up a dictionary
database for Tokana, but I'm having trouble with special
characters.  It seems like no matter what font I choose for the
Language Format, I can't get any of the special characters
consisting of letters with diacritics to show up.  The ones I
need are the five lower-case vowels with accent graves over them
(e.g. a`), which I need to be able to sort after the respective
lower-case vowels without accents.  In Word, I usually get these
characters by typing [Ctrl]+` plus the letter, but this command
doesn't seem to work in Shoebox.  Neither have I had any success
accessing the "Insert Symbol/Special Character" menu that Word
provides.  Any suggestions on what to do?