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"official" school dialect (was Re: It's been...)

From:Carlos Thompson <cthompso@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 13, 1999, 14:11
Mia Soderquist wrote:

> This is conlanging relevant, since ea-luna has three very different > major dialects. Which one would be the "official" school dialect would > probably be a topic that would inspire small-scale clan warfare. :) The=
> are people who take their language very seriously. > > Mia
Hangkerimce is not a language with major dialectal differences... this is probably done by the nature of the way Hangkerimce is pronounced, where according to the emphasis of the morphemes of a sentence the sounds have = several changes. The "official" dialect is the same in the three countries and c= ity people will usually understand eachother with no difficulty... this offic= al dialect is the way a carefull speaker will use in a speech, the dialect t= ought at school and the dialect used in radio broadcasting (television broadcas= ting is not as common as in our world)... Probably massive education and mass med= ia had helped Hangkerimce not to split, dinamic of moving people, mainly religio= us teachers, is another posibility. When compared with Kizidanoce or language description by Spanish priestes= or English adventurers, or the documents of the Orthography reform of 1863 A= D, it seams that pronunciation shifts has occured, at last in the last 500 year= s, but despite the great territory traders, soldiers, preaches and a lot of peop= le have been always able to move around and religious teachings have always used = an uniformed language. The non-official dialects are simple variations on the exact phones and p= honetic variations people use and choice of words, but most dialects are intellig= ible eachother, with the exception of the dialects of some bordering communes,= or some Caribbean islands. (Kizidanoce is not counted as a dialect, even if= a Cartagena dweller will understand better a Kizidano than a dweller of Yen= gdalim - OTL Jamaica). -- Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinz=F3n ITEC-Telecom, Colombia Di mi beh em je lok mi ju je kom lon vu am je