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Re: random reply

From:Fabian <rhialto@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 3, 1999, 19:40
On the T-shirt, my vote is for minimal use of IALs and natlangs.  I would
vote for just Esperanto and any other conIAL, probably Interlingua.  No
Spanish.  Anyhow I would say "tu idioma aqu=ED" or "coloca tu idioma aqu=ED=
" or
probably better "sea aqu=ED tu propio idioma"...

Ah, auxlangs. This has proved to be teh hot potato of teh project. Please=
hold off all discussion until after i get teh preliminary design. The hea=
emotions might not be necessary...

Still imagining how to get that T-shirt if ever.  I guess mailing it here
will coast even more than the t-shirt itself... my mummy will be at
Frankfurt av Main Itnl Airport for one hour on November 12... it is the
closer I can soon get to London but then she would have to find a way to
send the t-shirt from Yokohama...

For the curious, the postage is the same from the UK for both USA (where =
of you live) and the Federated States of Micronesia. Whether you live in
COlumbia or Egypt, the cost will be the same.

The PO does have a cheaper rate for Europe, though.

Jkun li dik il-kitba tpatti it-tieba ta' qalb ta' patruni tieghi.
Jkun li jtaffi ugigh tal-Mitlufin u tal-Indannati.
Jkun li ilkoll li jaqraw il-kitba, qalbhom ihobbu is-Sewwa u l-Unur.
U b'dak l'ghamil, nithallas tax-xoghol iebes.