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Eng again (was: Name mangling)

From:Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>
Date:Thursday, March 10, 2005, 19:29
On Thursday, March 10, 2005, at 05:40 , Muke Tever wrote:

> Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...> wrote: >> On Mar 9, 2005, at 9:07 PM, Andreas Johansson wrote: >>> Joe suggested eng, but, AFAIK, it doesn't have an uppercase form, and >>> it's riskier in electronic form than is ñ. >>> >> It is riskier, but it also has an uppercase form! > > It actually has _two_ uppercase forms: one that looks like a large > lowercase > eng, and one that looks like a capital N with the same hook as eng.
Yes, you're right! - I was mistaken in saying that the latter was _the_ uppercase eng. I discover that in fact in the 'African Alphabet' by the International Institute of Languages & cultures in London in 1930, the former version of the uppercase eng was used. On Wednesday, March 9, 2005, at 08:03 , Steg Belsky wrote: [snip]
> It is riskier, but it also has an uppercase form! > See: >
I have seen - both uppercase forms appear on that page. But neither of them look like the weird h-like symbol most of the fonts on my Mac produce! It strikes me that it would have been better if unicode had codes separately for the two different versions. but i still do not see why most fonts cannot be designed to produce either one or the other shape properly. Ray =============================================== =============================================== Anything is possible in the fabulous Celtic twilight, which is not so much a twilight of the gods as of the reason." [JRRT, "English and Welsh" ]