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Some Zitwbata text

From:Joe Hill <joe@...>
Date:Sunday, January 27, 2002, 14:45
My first fully original text, the Declaration of Independance

ga gazo anita atwK ap z'elohi itwK, ba tabo ahwS l'olwk itwzuk pa naso ohok
aswg t'ohog ito pa satoz azwt. gazo l'sotobara atwK l'zotobara atwK, sibe
ahok zotobara itwd, ka tedi ihwp v'ohog urwt. ukina izato panot ahot (l'
zatobara) ihod f'sotobara utwd, ka pabo ohod itwd.
nakwsana gosobana
Tadwsana dosokana
samwnana potorana
jadwsana socorana

Of course, the real orthography looks much nicer, but the net friendly
version actually transfers to the list.

Anyway, an interlinear is in order:

ga gazo          anita atwK             ap  z'elohi
if   whip.PRS any  race.NOM.s one  weaker

itwK,             ba  tabo        ahwS                l'    olwk
race.ACC.s  then is.PRS    there.NOM.s  the last.GEN.s

itwzuk                        pa naso          ohok
responsibilty.ACC.s   to  bring.PRS  3p.GEN

aswg                t'  ohog                     ito
future.NOM.p  in 3p(reflexive).GEN posession.ACC.s

pa  satoz         azwt.                         gazo
to allow.PRS  freedom.NOM.s.       whip.PRS

l'    sotobara           atwK                 l'     zotobara
the  Sitobara.GEN.p  race.NOM.s   the  Zitobara.GEN.p

itwK,            sibe         ahok         zotobara
race.ACC.s  take.PST 3p.NOM  Zitobara.GEN.p

itwd,             ka  tedi          ihwp                v'
land.NOM.s and use.PST  inanim.NOM.s for

ohog                       urwt.                    ukina    izato
3p(reflexive).GEN  goodness.ACC.s   hereby free

panot      ahot          (l'   zatobara              )
cry.PRS  1p.NOM  (the Zitobara.NOM.p

ihod                               f'        sotobara
1p( reflexive).NOM       from   Sitobara.GEN.p

utwd,             ka      pabo          ohod
land.DAT.s   and     make.PRS  1p(reflexive).GEN


l'    taros:
by  sign.PRS

nakwsana gosobana
Tadwsana dosokana
samwnana potorana
jadwsana socorana

If anyone can't understand the interlinear, ask, and I'll tell you what you
need to know.

Just a question, should I anglicise the Language name?

Zitubian, maybe?


Joe Hill <joe@...>