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CHAT: Korovo Milk Bar (was CONLANG T-Shirt: "Your yahzick could be in this mesto.")

From:Brook Conner <nellardo@...>
Date:Sunday, November 14, 1999, 0:11
Nik Taylor writes:
 > Oh?  I automatically assumed "place", otherwise, wouldn't he have called
 > it a "Milkmesto"?
 > Incidentally, what is a milkbar?  I always assumed he made it up, but
 > then I saw the word in an Australian book, suggesting that they're real
 > places.

Alex explains it in the same sentence - a milk bar is a place to drink
milk spiked with "something else" - he gave examples like synthetic
mescaline.  Presumably he was too young for alcohol :-) (tangent:
apparently kids say alcohol and tobacco are the *hardest* drugs to get
- getting completely illegal stuff is much easier, because alcohol and
tobacco dealers won't sell to kids (since that's a crime and they
weren't otherwise breaking a crime).

Coincidentally, I just noticed where the Korovo Milk Bar is.....

It's around the corner from my apartment.

No, not the one from the movie, but there is a place called the Korovo
Milk Bar on Avenue A in the East Village in Manhattan.

Though somehow I doubt they're serving synthetic mescaline.


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