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Troll Language (Fwd: Rejected posting to CONLANG@LISTSERV.BROWN.EDU)

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Saturday, July 8, 2000, 23:06
I had to resend; listserv won't accept my posts.  This is the third of three,
these will be reposted in reverse order.

> About the language of the Trolls (most of which live in Antarctica, but a few > do help humans, for good or evil). > > PHONOLOGY > > Stops: p t k > Fricatives: s h > Nasals: m n > Continuants: w l y (= IPA j) > Vowels: a e i u (u is unrounded: IPA "inverted-m") > Tones: high, low, falling (long or geminate vowels/diphthongs only) > Syllable struction: CVC (plus some CV and VC) > > There are numerous homophones, whose meaning is modified by a gesture. Body > language is inseparably linked to spoken language. > > MORPHOLOGY > > The language is completely isolating, with no bound morphemes. Every word > can > be used independently and one-word sentences are frequent. (These usually > convey an existential meaning, such as "there is a dog" expressed simply by > "dog". Pointing to the object, the dog in this case, indicates an implied > demonstrative.) Technically, there is no distinction of parts of speech: the > same word is used for "last", "final", "finally", "to follow" and "after". > > SYNTAX > > Word order is fixed at SOV, but the subject is usually expressed by a gesture > rather than a word. In fact, there are no "pronouns" as we know. (Pointing > to > someone and saying "hell go" means "go to hell". You'll see trolls doing > that > to humans a lot.) > > VOCABULARY > > Almost entirely native. Borrowed terms are called by a more "primitive" > idiom. > A computer (and for that matter a calculator or even an abacus!) is often > called "it counts". Even Antarctica, the land of exiles shared by Orcs and > Trolls, is called "land cold" (again, "cold" can mean "it is cold" or "be > cold".) > > Spoken vocabulary is very limited, since gestures are used to express > secondary > meanings. > > Again, anyone can take up this cause. > > DaW. ¶¦¬þ > > __________________________________________________ > Do You Yahoo!? > Get Yahoo! Mail – Free email you can access from anywhere! >
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