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Re: Heiroglyphic conlangs

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Saturday, December 1, 2007, 17:10
When I was first going to college back in the 1960's I took several semesters
of American Sign Language, just for fun. As I learned each new sign I developed
some kind of little squiggle or drawing that reminded me of the hand positions
and/or motions of the sign. It started out just as a way of jogging my memory
about a particular sign. As time went on I ended up with over 1200 little
pictographic symbols that I was very fluent in. I actually used my pictographs
to take notes in my other classes because they were quicker to write than
spelling out the words letter by letter.

As time went on I let my pictographic language slip into the background, and
then later, in the 1980's, my entire pictographic dictionary, which was on file
cards, was lost in a house fire.  Since then, I've often wanted to reconstruct
it, but somehow I've never gotten around to it.


--- John Campbell <campbell.2006@...> wrote:

> I'm currently making a heiroglyphic conlang. Has anybody else made a > heiroglyphic conlang? > I've attached a pict of a couple of heiroglyphs I have so far. They > mean,(in order) sun moon star night morning time space eye see. > I've tried to use a root word concept,(similar to chinese) but it's > gotten all mixed up. By the way, I'm new. So, anybody made a > heiroglyphic conlang? > -John > ------------------------- > glak vith nan > None shall pass >