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Re: trying from charmap

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 8, 2002, 6:23
Clint Jackson Baker wrote:
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>ôÇÅÅÆÄÃÂÁÀ¿À >Okay, this is tricky. The numbers charmap gives are >hexadecimal, but I have to enter them decimal. But >Alt 0161 gives me ¿, after which all the accented >letters begin, so it can be some simple counting and >multiplication--easy cheesy.
Go to: which tells all about the Alt codes (for PC), a few tips for Mac users; you can also change your (PC) keyboard setting to US Intl. which enables you to type the accents directly (the website tells you how). It makes single/double quote, grave/tilde and shift-6 (^) into dead keys, just like on old typewriters. Technology marches on. Or just start playing around with Alt plus 4-digit numbers, from 0128 on up, and make your own list. Most of the accented chars. are 0192-0222 (caps),and 0223-0255 (l.c.), but a few random ones have lower nos. (I don't get anything above 0255). As you probably know, in html you can use either e.g. "&agrave;" or "&#224;"-- at least, I think so. There's a website about all this too, but I don't have the URL handy.