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Conlang with whistles

From:Rachel Klippenstein <estel_telcontar@...>
Date:Monday, February 17, 2003, 1:31
Hi out there,

I came up with a neat idea for a new conlang the other
day.  This one is spoken on an island inhabited by two
thinking, speaking species: humans, and a type of
birds called in this language "WiSiWiSi".  The
phonology of the language is a sort of compromise
between the sounds that humans and WiSiWiSi can make.

Here is a description of the main dialect:

three stops: p, t, k
two normal continuants: w, s
two whistled continuants: W and S

W is a "typical" labial whistle, and S is an alveolar

three vowels: i, a, u

The syllable structure is C(C)V, but the only types of
consonant clusters allowed are stop+continuant (normal
or whistled).

All content words must contain at least two syllables,
but some grammatical words contain only one syllable.

Nouns (which must end in -a) form their plurals by
total reduplication.

There are three natural genders/noun classes: human,
WiSi, and neuter (non-sentient).

Word order is almost opposite to in English: OVS,
adjectives follow their nouns, postpositions instead
of prepositions.

Rachel Klippenstein

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