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Request For Demolinguistic Data

From:Joseph Carson <samizdata@...>
Date:Friday, January 7, 2000, 4:51
Greetings to all Conlangers,
        I had a xeroxed copy of pages 708-709 of the World Almanac 2000
mailed to me with The Principal Languages Of The World list that Sidney
Culbert compiles every year reproduced for me, but the right-hand margin
on pg. 708 was swallowed in the shadow of the binding, so some of the
data was lost.  Could anyone who has access to this book tell me what
the number of speakers data for the following languages are?  These are:
Kannada, Khmer (both branches), Kongo, Korean, Kurdish, Madurese,
Malayalam, and Marathi.  Actually, any one who is willing to simply copy
the numbers on the inside margin for all the languages in alphabetical
order from Kam-Men would satisfy my curiosity totally, and with no need
to write out all the names.  Thanks in advance if you can help. --
Joseph Carson