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Re: Dangling prepositions and phrasal verbs.

From:A. Lee Iss <feral_primate@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 22, 2004, 17:15
Yes, to my knowledge (as a student of the language) 'da' is frequently used as an
independent word in all forms of modern German.

Was isst du da?
what eat-2s you there?
What are you eating there?

David Barrow <davidab@...> wrote:
I did say 'more accurately' rather than 'correctly' :-)
'da' is German for 'there' and it appears as an independent word in my
dictionary, but I'll leave it to any German speaker on the list to
clarify its usage

David Barrow

Christophe Grandsire wrote:

> En réponse à David Barrow : > > >> Since the adverb and the preposition are independent words in their own >> right wouldn't words like 'hierop' 'damit' 'thereby' more accurately be >> described as compound words and the two words are joined rather than one >> suffixed or the other prefixed. > > > I don't think you can put "damit" among them, since the form "da-", > AFAIK, cannot appear alone. For the rest, it isn't wrong. I was using > "suffixed" rather loosely, to describe the fact that the two parts > ended up as a single phonological word, and that the preposition was > put *after* the adverb. > > Christophe Grandsire. > > > > You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.
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