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conlangs in fiction (was: Re: Conlangs in History)

From:Dennis Paul Himes <dennis@...>
Date:Monday, August 21, 2000, 3:12
Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...> wrote:
> > Any of y'all writing/submitting sf? =^)
Sally Caves is, I believe, temporarily off the list, but when she's on it she's one of our most active members, and she has been published in F&SF and has sold a script to Star Trek. I'm writing but not submitting. Some of my work is on the web, at None of this work has any conlanging in it, but the novella I'm currently working on has a fair amount of Gladilatian in it. Not only is there some Gladilatian quoted in the text, but some dialog is English which is the result of spoken Gladilatian being automatically translated, and in these cases I first write the Gladilatian, and then translate that into English to produce what the reader sees. I posted an example last year, which I can repost if anybody wants to read it. I hope to have the novella finished by the turn of the century. When it's done I'll put it on the web. As for why I'm not submitting, part of the answer can be found in the quotes from that other list about the "market". If an editor has a problem with "Botlop", imagine what his reaction would be to "sa Mrenep sa hreLaxreot Lelemle sa Lele we Nmusysy". =========================================================================== Dennis Paul Himes <> homepage: Gladilatian page: Disclaimer: "True, I talk of dreams; which are the children of an idle brain, begot of nothing but vain fantasy; which is as thin of substance as the air." - Romeo & Juliet, Act I Scene iv Verse 96-99